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The Regenerative Landscape

The Regenerative Landscape

The Regenerative Landscape, 2009
Mixed media
12’ x 12’ x 7’

Photos by the artist

Dylan Terry and Cassidy Fry

Referencing miniature cityscapes, Dylan Terry and Cassidy Fry hope to draw attention to the inevitable rise of the oceans by making this sculpture into an artificial reef after its public viewing in SKW 2009.  The visual impact of flooded cities is especially relevant given the destructive hurricanes in the past decades and the certain future of Florida’s coastal cities. 

Cassidy Fry received his Bachelor's Degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in Architecture and works as an Architectural Designer.  He has exhibited in several group shows in Florida.  Dylan Terry has a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Art from the New College of Florida, Sarasota.  He is a freelance muralist and an assistant to several artists and graphic designers.  Both live in Miami, FL.


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