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Compass Star

Compass Star, 2009
Saplings, branches
21’ x 21’ x 12
Photo by Karley Klopfenstein

Roy Staab

Using natural materials to define geometric spaces, Roy Staab’s work is ephemeral and ethereal at the same time.  His Bauhaus-based art education of structure, form and materials directly influences his art and vision.  The results of these aesthetic experiments are lyrical sculptures that reference and embrace their environments.

Compass Star is an environmental, site-specific installation inspired by the compass star on nautical maps.  All materials came from tree trimmings around the Key West.  The works evolves over time, breaking down and returning to earth, reminding us that beauty in nature is transitory and fleeting.

Staab himself is transitory and fleeting, traveling the world for the past 30 years to create these small moments of perfect composition that exist, ultimately, only in photo documentation (and uTube!). He never lets ìpermissionî get in the way of his vision.  A site-specific artist since 1979, Staab has been reviewed in the New York Times, Sculpture Magazine, Art in America and many more.  He lives in West Allis, MI.

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