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Displacement, 2009
Steel, concrete, mixed-media
5' x 5' x 5'
Photo by the artist and Lynne Bentey-Kemp

Mike Ross

Mike Ross’ work appears effortless and is breathtaking in its scope and scale.  Whether he’s making trucks dance, jet fighter planes swoop or balancing a 7-ton steel cube at the perfect cusp of the water’s surface, these amazing feats of engineering consistently evoke a sense of wonder.

Sculpture Key West first saw Mike Ross’ work in 2006, where his work Colorfields (in collaboration with Nicole Whelan) won the first place Grand Esplanade Award and delighted audiences.  Since then, Ross has received several commissions for large-scale work, including Big Rig Jig (two tanker trucks transformed into curving shapes over 40’ tall) for the Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada in 2007 and Together, two jet fighters reformed to bird-like shapes for Seattle’s upcoming Capitol Hill light rail station planned for 2016.   His work has been widely covered by the media.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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