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Emancipate I

Emancipate I, 2009
Wire, fiberglass, resin
5’ x 5’ x 17’
Photo by Karley Klopfenstein

Paige Pedri

Paige Pedri seeks to deconstruct the traditional object by blurring the distinction between front and back, top and bottom, thus creating a form that is constantly in motion, lifting and swooping the viewer’s eye, evoking a sense of freedom.   For the artist, this work represents a new direction in scale, scope and dynamic relationship to the site.   Each individual element has a complex relationship to the next, as part of Pedri’s visual language that is both internal and external.

Pedri received her MFA from the New York Studio School in Sculpture, where she is currently an Artist in Residence.  She exhibits frequently in New York City and has received many awards for her work.  She lives in Jackson Heights, NY.

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