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Sound and Site Walks, 2009
Mixed-media, sound
Dimensions variable
Photo by Eric Holowacz and
Lynne Bentley Kemp

Karen McCoy and Robert Carl

Based on the shape of antiquated hearing aids, Karen McCoy created ìsight and sound trumpetsî using local plant materials.  She encourages the viewer to look, listen and speak into them.  Each trumpet is carefully arranged to amplify sound, or to frame the play of light and shadow on an area.  Her work invites quiet contemplation.  At the same time, composer Robert Carl has created a soundtrack of layered ìmusicî from the garden: wind, water, birds, insects and poetry all come together to magnify the intensity of the experience of the space.

McCoy is well known for her ìdeep mappingî of the history of a place to create site-specific installations.  She investigates the history of a place, finding patterns in the environment and slowly separating out the things she needs to work within the multi-layered context of the world.  McCoy received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently a Professor of Sculpture at the Kansas City Art Institute, MO.  Robert Carl received his musical training at Yale, Penn State and the University of Chicago.  He is a professor at the University of Hartford, CT.

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