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Threshold, 2009
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Photo by Lynne Bentley-Kemp
and Karley Klopfenstein

Lauren P. McAloon

By using rudders from makeshift boats that brought Cuban refugees to America, Lauren McAloon invites the viewer to imagine these objects and their perilous journey across 90 miles of open water.  The haunting music of the wind flutes perhaps is a reminder of the rudders journey, and the people who didn’t make it all the way.

McAloon has created many site-specific installations for Sculpture Key West over the exhibition’s 14-year history.  Each resonates with a sense of place, human history and layers of meaning.  She takes into consideration not only the site and its specific history, but also the wind, sun, human interaction and interpretation.  McAloon lives in Key West, FL.


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