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Stoop, 2009

Stoop, 2009
Stoop, pavers, mailbox, wooden post
4'8" x 5' x 18'

Photo by Karley Klopfenstein

John Martini

A simple collection of cement stairs, a mailbox and a sidewalk suggest a missing house.  Absence is presence.  The artist prefers not to distort the relationship between the work and the viewer with an explanation, relying instead on the work itself to say what needs to be said.

John Martini has had a solo show of his celebrated steel sculptures nearly every year for the past 20 years in Key West and Paris.  Extremely prolific, widely collected, Martini is shown in no less than eight galleries around the world.  In 2006, he was commissioned to create a work for Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, consisting of two 30’ heads.  He also participated in the Giants in the City Project for Art Basel Miami Beach 2008 in which one of his large heads was made into an inflatable sculpture.  Martini lives in Key West, FL.

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