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Steven Durow and Jessica Cappiello

Steven Durow and Jessica Cappiello

Perspective Series: Tangent, 2009
Aluminum Reflective Polymer, steel, concrete
3' x 250' x 10'
Photos by the artist

Steven Durow and Jessica Cappiello

How can we understand the size of the world?  Steven Durow and Jessica Cappiello attempt to take on the enormous scale of the open field at Fort Zachary by creating a shining path that aligns with the setting sun at the horizon.  Inspired by demonstrating a tangent line to the earth and ancient monumental constructions, this site-specific sculpture responds to the sun, sky and environment.

Both artists have a strong background in working with glass in installation and large-scale sculpture and were inspired by the open space and infinite horizon at the installation site. The artists chose a mirrored surface to incorporate the ever-changing environment and brilliant Key West sky directly into the sculpture.

This collaborative team met at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, where Steven Durow is Professor of Practice in glass sculpture. Jessica Cappiello currently lives in Alfred, NY, where she is pursuing her Masters Degree in sculpture at Alfred University.

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