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Kees Ouwens
Sound of Shadow, 2007
11.8' x 11.8' x 11.8'

Kees Ouwens

After studying at the Royal Horticultural College in the Netherlands, Kees Ouwens went to Japan, where he currently makes his home, "because of the difference in perception of space, especially in creating gardens." Working primarily in stone, he strives to create compositions that are balanced or "have a good feeling." Kees Ouwens made this steel box in 2004 and has exhibited it in many places, primarily near or in water. Not only does the piece cast an interesting shadow, the artist found that by drilling small holes in the structure that the piece produced an eerie sound in the wind.

In 2007, a Dutch Foundation selected this sculpture, The Sound of Shadow, for a photographic commission. In his artist statement, Kees Ouwens seems fascinated about the journey this piece has endured. Shipped from Japan to Los Angeles, then across the land to Miami and finally to the edge of the continent in Key West. Perhaps its final destination?

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