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Monika Goetz
The End of the World, 2008
Metal construction, tie rod
19' x 26' x 4"

Monika Goetz

Monika Goetz is interested in psychological spaces, reflecting specific states of the mind. Her site-specific installations frequently deal with consciousness and the boundaries of human perception. By exploring light and space as a conceptual, material and aesthetic phenomenon, she questions the position of the viewer in this world. About The End of the World, Goetz writes, "There was a time when people believed that the world was flat, that it ends behind the horizon and one was in danger of falling down if one reaches the end. I always liked this idea."

Monika has exhibited extensively in her native Germany as well in in the United States, notably solos shows at Art Omi, the Queens Museum of Art, and P.S.1/MOMA. She lives in Berlin, Germany.

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