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RG Brown
Parallel, 2008
Luaun plywood, aluminum plashing,
polystrene insulation foam,
archeological readings
16" x 24" x 32' each (two)

RG Brown

RG Brown challenges our notions of traditional sculpture with his conceptual disPlacements.

It's about hiding and finding, documenting what can't be seen. The process is fairly straightforward. The artist excavates a large area of earth or sand, buries a sculptural form in the ground and covers it back up again. When he's done, it's as if nothing was ever there... but then the artist turns to scientific equipment to discover it in a new form,

With the help of an archeologist and Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR), a magnetometer and readings of electromagnetic conductivity, the form is documented in a unique way. Data from these readings, along with photo documentation of the dig, become the end product of the piece.

Brown is the head of the Sculpture Department at the University of Georgia in Athens.


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