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Lori Nozick



Archeology and evolution play a dramatic role in the work of Lori Nozick. Archetypal images -walls, arches and columns, boats, signs and ladders - become a visual and physical language through which she is able to illuminate our relationship to personal and public spaces. Her “Diaspora” series references the history of geological movements that scatter and disperse material, leaving behind cast-off remnants and skeletal debris. Nozick was recently selected by sculptor Mary Miss to receive the “Best Public Arts Project of the Year” award for her piece Luce Et Vita Universae, sponsored by the Americans for The Arts, Public Art Network and Review. She lives in Crompond, NY.

Diaspora Series, 2007
Cast cement, found objects from Key West
Dimensions variable
Fort Zachary Taylor
Photo by Karley Klopfenstein