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Roberta Marks



Roberta Marks has moved among several mediums of expression since earning her BFA and MFA degrees: painting, clay, constructions, collage, and sculpture. Her recent travels to Asia have greatly influenced her new work, which contains deliberately mixed religious imagery. She writes, “Making art is like breathing…it is a step towards understanding. The joy comes in the moment of discovery when you can see with clarity who and where you are.” Marks lives in Key West, Florida.

Where Have All the Buddhas Gone, 2005
Stone, metal, cloth
47" x 54" x 15"
Fort East Martello
Overall photo by Alan Kennish, detail by Karley Klopfenstein


Calcutta: Remembering Mother Teresa's Orphanage, 2007
Mixed media
84" x 84"
Fort East Martello
Photos by Alan Kennish