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Robert Chambers

Vitruvius’ Recliner, 2004
Wood, electrical component
6’ x 3’ x 4’ extended

Robert Chambers has returned to SKW 2010 with a lazy boy recliner stripped down and masterfully recreated into a multi layered  homage to the historical greats:  Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, the Roman writer, architect and engineer; Leonarda DaVince and his Vitruvian man; Marcel Duchamp and his ready mades.  Finally, a reference to the contemporary buddhist monk and visionary Thich Nhat Hanh and his morning yoga exercise provides a trajectory for thought.

Miami native Robert Chambers is an accomplished artist, curator, teacher, motivator and creative tinkerer. His work juxtaposes scientific methods and ideas with humor, religious motifs and social themes.

Visit his website: www.robertchambers.com




Sculpture Key West 2010 January 16 - April 16, Opening Saturday January 16